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Vegas to Reno 2012 - The Miguez Rally Racing adventure

Howdy inmates!

Wow, it feels very real now that Iíve started this thread! My name is Fabio Miguez, and Iím going to race the Vegas to Reno 2012 edition!

Iím a 35 year old guy from Brazil, and Iíve been living in the US for 13 years now. I have been fascinated by the Dakar (Paris-Dakar back then!) since I have been a little boy, and Brazil even had a strong presence in motorcycles for a while in the 1990s with Andrť de Azevedo, who happens to be from my hometown, and is now driving the large trucks at the more modern South American editions of the Dakar.

In the past few years I have been positioning myself to be in a spot to one day race this awesome rallie. I have been riding motorcycles since I was 15, but I only started to ride off-road last year. I have never raced off-road, and Vegas to Reno will be my first off-road foray. I then have plans to race the Rally dos Sertoes in 2013.

This thread will cover how Iím going to go from no experience and out-of-shape to finishing this grueling race. Over the next months Iím going to be writing about many subjects, such as the bike build, physical training, testing runs, gear, nutrition, and many more. My goal is to share some knowledge and lessons learned with everyone else.
One of the greatest things ADV has done for me is to show that anything is possible, that mere mortals like myself can accomplish the seemingly impossible with enough planning and preparation. So I hope that my account will help encourage others and make them realize they can do it too!

Right off the bat, let me acknowledge the stories that have impressed and pushed me the most. These were the guys that finally cemented in me the feeling that I can do this, and I am forever thankful for that.

Bluebull2007 went from never racing a rally to finishing the Rally dos Sertoes in 2010 with a broken foot and a fulfilled dream. His training thread is here , and his race report here. If you havenít read it, stop reading this right now, pour a glass or seven of your favorite brew, and go learn what a determined mind can do.

frog raced the Vegas to Reno on a 950 Super Enduro, thatís a 400 lb bike for those of you wondering. His story is awesome, and you can read it here. It has special significance to me, and youíll soon learn why.

Last but not least is pilo. He raced Vegas to Reno this year, and has a great thread talking about the different aspects of preparing for such a long race.

I have been in touch with all three guys, and they have been great at helping a n00b like me get ready. Now, itís my turn.

I've decided to call my team Miguez Rally Racing, or MRR. I have a website in the works, so as soon as it's up it'll be posted here.

I also want to thank my first sponsor, Woody's Wheel Works, these guys have been nothing but fantastic and encouraging, and having the best wheels in the business will make it that much more likely that I'll finish my races.

Stay tuned.
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My 2012 Vegas 2 Reno adventure (on a 990 Adventure) starts here!
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