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That really suck, wirespokes. Sorry you had such a bad experience.

Not much to update on my teardown progress. Managed to get the airbox off last night, and I think I found why the starter cavity weep-holes were, well.... weepy. The breather valve hose wasn't actually connected to the airbox, so it was just venting oily air right into the starter cavity. Also noticed the "air induction system" had been removed. That threw me for a loop for a bit, while looking through my Clymer manual... until I researched and found that some folks do that intentionally. The reed valve looks like it's in good shape, though I'll probably replace the breather tube just for good measure... seems a bit petrified.

I plan on pulling the starter once I get the transmission out, and cleaning everything thoroughly. I've not had any issues with the starter, but do you think it would be wise to get it apart and lube it all up?

I'm ordering some Speigler stainless brake lines today. Once I get into the clutch area and see what I need, I'll be ordering some more stuff.
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