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I'd agree with D-adv

As an avid bicyclist (mostly city riding), I much prefer that bikes and cages just go right on by. Nothing more annoying than a cager (usually, bike would be just as bad though) without the guts or ability to go on by. Lanes are insanely wide. Only on the most unusually narrow roads might there not be enough space for a cage to go by me when I'm peddling along (now whether they can keep up to pass in the first place is another matter ). I don't care whether you give me 3' of 6" as long as you don't run me over.

So contrary to some of the above posts, waiting and giving lots of space is not only not appreciated by this cyclist, its downright disliked. Also, it pisses off all the cages behind you and they'll often take out their frustration on the innocent bicyclist.

I've noticed an alarming number of bicyclist riding in the center of the lane for no reason. This is just plain obnoxious imho.

Like some of the above posters, I'll only ride in the center if there's a good reason - usually b/c I'm about to turn left.

(note, I realize the above is all in contravention of SC laws - I can't help it if the laws are dumb)

Also, when you are stopped up in traffic, try not to block wherever a bicycle will sneak through - usually on the right. Its annoying to have to weave in and out of a bunch of cages 'cause they can't all line up and leave one side or the other of the lane open. When I'm in the city I'm passing cars much more often than the other way 'round and I'm sure not giving y'all 3' of space
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