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I don't mind bicyclists on the road, but I wish they would use common sense when picking their route.

Recently I was out riding and crested a hill in a left hand sweeper only to be confronted by a wall of spandex heading my way IN MY LANE.
I spotted a gap large enough to fit my DR through, steered deeper into the turn, missed the first wave then straightened it up and got on the binders in time to miss the now panicking second wave (who were also IN MY LANE).

This road is two lane, has some nice turns and elevation changes with a 55mph limit, I was riding legal and not trying to burn down the road.

About a quarter mile on down the road I watched as even more stragglers bunched up... looked to me like they were intentionally blocking traffic from passing. TN law limits them to the right 1/3 of the lane, single file and they are required to facilitate passing when safe by using the shoulder, this road has (clean)shoulders at least as wide as the lanes.

From here on out, I think I like OFC's method... wish my bike was diesel!
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