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Man, you 'Merikans need to learn some road culture! All your fucking anger, bicyclist, motorcyclist, cagers and pedestrians are all one big knot of anger waiting to spew. I have been driving semis, cage, motorcycle and my bicycle and the aggressiveness towards me on/in any of those vehicles are astounding to me.
Where the fuck are you going in such a hurry? Sheesh!

Apart from that, when I'm on my motorcycle and meet any of those idiot spandex clad ass wipes I give them as much room as is safe for the both of us. When I'm on my bicycle I stay as far to the right as I can, but the shoulders in the US is not always a nice place to be for a bicycle especially after a hard winter. When I'm in a car and there's no good sight lines I'll stay behind them till I can pass and I don't give a hoot how slow they're going, I only have to push down on a pedal to go faster, no strain on me whatsoever and even if I had to stay behind them for 2-3 minutes it'll only delay me at my destination and plus is equal to...2-3 minutes! Yeah, that'll ruin my day!

Calm the hell down out there in traffic people. Close to 40.000 US people are killed in traffic every year just trying to get from point A to point B.
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