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I am also an avid cyclist, and in agreement with the other cyclists that have commented here.

For me, I'd much rather you move by with the 3 feet or so of clearance than move all the way into the other lane, I don't mind the lane sharing. After 30 years of riding I'm used to it, no worries.

Also, around here, (S.E. New Hampshire) the roads are narrow and winding, with many blind curves. Car or Moto, I'd much rather have you move by than either pace me a couple of feet off my back wheel and possibly blocking other traffic, or move into the opposing lane when a log truck might be approaching from the other way.

As for our fellow riders who block the road, etc. there are bad apple cyclists just as there are ones riding motos, driving cages and trucks. I'm happy to apologize for them, but please don't paint everyone on a bicycle with the same brush. I'm happy to give you as much room as I can, but I also need to steer clear of road debris and other hazards that you may not notice.

BTW, several states have a 3 foot minimum law, generally, it's 3 feet min for 30 MPH or less, and 1 foot additional for each 10 MPH over 30.

Oh, and for gawd sakes, if I wave you by, please give the throttle a twist, or press the right hand pedal and do it.

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