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Originally Posted by NC Scott View Post

I have friends and former co-workers that were in the group when Dr. Burke was killed. From their accounts, the Defendant likely had a similar idea. Problem is he hit four people and killed one. He now faces vehicular homicide charges.

Seems like it would be easier to just wait, give plenty of room and go around.
Just reading the article in your link, and the comments afterwards. I read some comments that say this is a very curvy, narrow, and hilly road that the ACCIDENT happened on, and some say it was straight and flat. SO? And your friends say the perp had a similar idea to mine, splitting between the cyclist's? Yeah, with a Dodge Durango! It's almost the same thing as a KTM 950, right? Similar width's for both? I also read that the driver say's he reached down to pick something up, and when he looked back up.......there they were. Bad judgement to be taking your eye's off the road, even for a second or two? Sure. Have you ever done the same thing? EVER? I bet you have, just like most EVERYONE has at one time or another.Did you happen to notice that the court isn't giving the driver a chance to "plea out" from a reckless homicide charge? MAYBE because the deceased Doctor has a certain family member who happen to be the Attorney General (at least according to some of the comments I read)l? "Gang-Bangers" get to plea-out stuff every day. It's terrible for anyone's family to suffer the kind of loss that doctor's did, and I DO NOT think the driver should get off with nothing, shit it could have been ME on a motorcycle getting squashed by his Durango just as easy as the doctor on his bicycle, but it doesn't sound like this driver was trying to kill someone that day.
And back to the passing of bicyclist's...........................
So, just how long is one supposed to wait? 30 seconds? 2 minutes? 7 minutes? Until the end of the road? Until THEY decide that they are going to grant you the privilege of passing? You don't seem to get it that these pecker-heads in this area think THEY and they alone own the road.

Originally Posted by dolomoto View Post
Hey, OCF...substitute whatever that is your're riding with a bicycle and me passing you like that.

Then what's your take?

We all gotta share the road...NOT THE LANE.

Life is too short to get all worked up by some fat cyclists trying to get fit.
What, you think I NEVER rode a bicycle?
NEWSFLASH........................I have, and still do sometimes. You wouldn't have to pass me like that because I wouldn't be pissing you off by riding in the middle of the road like an asshole. And I shouldn't HAVE to cross a double-yellow, risking a big ticket, to pass some inconsiderate douche-bag's that won't move over.

Originally Posted by Balanzed View Post
Man, you 'Merikans need to learn some road culture! All your fucking anger, bicyclist, motorcyclist, cagers and pedestrians are all one big knot of anger waiting to spew. I have been driving semis, cage, motorcycle and my bicycle and the aggressiveness towards me on/in any of those vehicles are astounding to me.
Where the fuck are you going in such a hurry? Sheesh!

Apart from that, when I'm on my motorcycle and meet any of those idiot spandex clad ass wipes I give them as much room as is safe for the both of us. When I'm on my bicycle I stay as far to the right as I can, but the shoulders in the US is not always a nice place to be for a bicycle especially after a hard winter. When I'm in a car and there's no good sight lines I'll stay behind them till I can pass and I don't give a hoot how slow they're going, I only have to push down on a pedal to go faster, no strain on me whatsoever and even if I had to stay behind them for 2-3 minutes it'll only delay me at my destination and plus is equal to...2-3 minutes! Yeah, that'll ruin my day!

Calm the hell down out there in traffic people. Close to 40.000 US people are killed in traffic every year just trying to get from point A to point B.
Fuck You & Canuckastan!

Originally Posted by filmfan View Post
I am also an avid cyclist, and in agreement with the other cyclists that have commented here.

For me, I'd much rather you move by with the 3 feet or so of clearance than move all the way into the other lane, I don't mind the lane sharing. After 30 years of riding I'm used to it, no worries.

Also, around here, (S.E. New Hampshire) the roads are narrow and winding, with many blind curves. Car or Moto, I'd much rather have you move by than either pace me a couple of feet off my back wheel and possibly blocking other traffic, or move into the opposing lane when a log truck might be approaching from the other way.

As for our fellow riders who block the road, etc. there are bad apple cyclists just as there are ones riding motos, driving cages and trucks. I'm happy to apologize for them, but please don't paint everyone on a bicycle with the same brush. I'm happy to give you as much room as I can, but I also need to steer clear of road debris and other hazards that you may not notice.

BTW, several states have a 3 foot minimum law, generally, it's 3 feet min for 30 MPH or less, and 1 foot additional for each 10 MPH over 30.

Oh, and for gawd sakes, if I wave you by, please give the throttle a twist, or press the right hand pedal and do it.
You sound like a bicyclist that hasn't been riding around with his helmet strap pulled to tight. If more of "them" around here thought and acted like you, people (besides me) wouldn't be so ticked-off. Big Up's to you!

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