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Originally Posted by O.C.F.RIDER View Post
Around here they (the bicyclists) think, and act, like they own the fucking road. The ride 2 or 3 abreast and DO NOT move over! One day on Clinton Road there was about 10 of them riding 2 abreast and when two of them heard me coming, they looked back and swung all the way out to the double yellow so they were then 4 across. I grabbed a handfull and shot right between the two jerk-offs at about 70 mph. I normally used give all these people lots of room, but what these idiots did pissed me off to no end. Even in the car, around here, they WILL NOT move over and stay 2 abreast. WTF??? They're the new bosses? All others with the temerity to use THEIR road will be forced to almost stop and then have to risk an improper passing ticket to get around these fuck-wads.
And before you start with the..............Oh, it's a couple of smart-asses on the bicycles, it happens all the time around here. My wife has the same shit happen to her.....a lot! I've asked others if they have the same experience with the bicycles, and the answer is always.............YUP!

GO FAST----------PASS CLOSELY----------SCARE 'EM!
Hey Bicyclists around here................................

Same thing here. You see the arrogant pricks riding 3-wide on narrow roads with a half-mile of traffic behind them. They scream about sharing the road, yet they blow through stop signs and don't signal their turns.
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