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We have a lot of bicyclist around here....even worse now the leaf peeping season is upon us...

I don't really care if you ride a bike or not. I too have seen many groups riding 3 or 4 abreast on curvy roads with speed limits of 50mph....There is a big charity race up here every year, more than once I have come around a corner pulling a 7K lb trailer at 50mph only to have to smoke the tires to avoid hitting the a group of riders....then I get flipped off

So sorry I'm not crossing the double yellow to pass a bicyclist....when I lived in FL these butt heads would cruise past a long line of cars waiting a draw bridge to get to the head of the line....then keep traffic backed up as each car had to pass them one by one.....

If they would just follow the rules of the road they would get less grief from motorists....slap a registration plate on their ass and I'll have more respect....
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