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Originally Posted by car94 View Post
Your a Douche! Anyone who inentionally does shit like that will kill a dog for fun and beat women and children. If saw something like that I would follow that punk bitch till he stopped and beat his and your ass! And I hate those dick wad bicycle riding dip shits but I respect there right to do dumb shit like ride a bike up a narrow mountain rd. Just like when I am on my Motorcycle I have the right to ride without being hassled by some redneck douche nozzle in a POS Dodge. I generally do not care much about any healthy adult until I see someone bigger or or with more power Finacial or political taking advantage of or messing with the little guy. In this case its the dummies on bicycles.

Wow how is exhaust fumes even remotely the same as killing a dog for fun?? Their actions warrant no more than a flip off.....Lighten up you'll live longer...
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