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Originally Posted by bumblebee1 View Post
What's the difference between riding three bikes wide on a 55 mph road or just driving a cage at a pleasant 15 mph.
I should be able to drive at the speed I want, regardless of what others think.
The leaves are beautiful this time of year and sometimes I slow down from 15 miles per hour to about 7 to get a better view.
Is there anything wrong with that?
Oh, and I slow down when climbing hills too. It saves on gas.< Wrong Wrong Wrong Constant speed saves gas every study in the world proves that over and over!:headbash:
Actually, we get together with a few cages, ride a nice parkway in the mountains at that speed.
It's like our own parade...and it's legal. Not if you are impeding the flow of traffic

Are we getting the picture here?
It frustrates the hell out of everybody else.
No problem Just get the hell out of the way of the people who do not have the time to slow down to look at leaves, there are laws in all states about impeding the flow of traffic even if you going the speed limit in the passing lane. That's why the sign says slower traffic move over or move right! It does not say move over if you are going slower than the speed limit but stay in the fast lane if you are going the speed limit.
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