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Originally Posted by anotherguy View Post
Why do so many believe that others must get out of their way?
why do so many people think it is OK to inconvenience many others to satisfy their individual desires?

Where does this inflated sense of worth come from?
probably from the same place that gives rise to the inflated sense of self worth it takes to think, for example, it is OK to repeatedly skip to the front of the line at stop lights (even if it means riding on the sidewalk to get there) and then (after the light turns green and the 100 foot head start you got by running the red light is used up) hold up the whole line of cars you just illegally passed as you are moving at half the speed limit on a street that is narrow to begin with and has cars parked on both sides (making it impossible to safely pass a bicycle without going into the other lane which is not possible since there is always traffic coming the other way).
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