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Oh!? That is deep.
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Originally Posted by Balanzed View Post
I already asked that and I got flipped off

Problem is, no one knows why they're the nicest people with their feet planted on Terra Firma, but as soon as they're in/on a moving object they're the most important person on the planet and hate everyone else. There's some good theories about it, but you try to ask someone, sitting next to them when they behave idiotic in traffic why they don't calm the hell down they'll get this self-righteous look on their face and gibberish starts flowing out their mouths.
Very weird and pathetically sad.
I speculate that for the asshats that think they are road warriors in their vehicles are a lot like the internet tough guys who spew shit because any returning negative consequences of their words or actions are far removed. So rage out in your car shout shit at another driver, rider, cyclist and when you're done drive on. Some people as evidenced on here and by statements get angry and emotion influences behaviour. Real shitty mix when you're in control of a vehicle that is a potential weapon. Would you give a guy who is throwing a fit in a bar or office or on the street a gun? Probably not. So if you can control yourself and see consequences as a logical result of your lack of control then pull over take a little breather and come down out of the red zone before you kill some one or get your teeth knocked out for being a fucktard and putting others at risk.

I had a guy almost run me down in a cross walk while walking my bike across, I flipped him off he spins around and starts running his mouth. I ignored him until he try to block me in against the curb and I go around and he lurches the car forward and almost takes me out. Threw the bike down and called him out. I'm sure after he had his nose set and teeth fixed he thought good and long about the logic of putting others at risk, scaring his poor GF who had to see him get fucked up and taking on a guy who is riding a mtn bike in the suggest some level of either commitment, physical capability or even mental state, given how shitty out winters are.

As far as cyclist doing stupid and ignorant things on the road well a little spike in testosterone brought about by physical effort shouldn't replace common sense. Being a tough guy while looking up at an oil pan of a moving car is hard to pull off.
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