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Originally Posted by Waco Kid View Post
Woohoo, another bicycles-blocking-traffic thread. Bicyclists should be considerate and ride near the edge of road, making themselves easy to pass. Motorists should be considerate and pass them in a safe manner, slowing down and giving them at least a few feet. Moving to the other lane is even better. Bicyclists should signal before turning and stop for red lights like everyone else, but I can't remember ever seeing one do so.
I ride near the edge whenever it's feasible, often it isn't because of pavement cracks, holes, glass, metal and all the other chit that accumulates. Many of the hazards are completely invisible to motorized traffic, either because they're too fast or it's no consequence for them. Things are different with 1 inch wide tires and 2 square inches of contact patch.

I also signal and stop for red lights. Yeah, there are many that don't and I find it as frustrating as anyone else here.

Lots of folks riding motos or driving cars don't always do the stuff they're supposed to in traffic either.

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