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Originally Posted by ag_streak View Post
Mr. Bracket,

Very sweet! One quick question...o

What's the angle of the main pivot from vertical, and how/why did you choose it?

(I guess that's two questions!)
It is leaned forward 10 Degrees. It came to that after some testing, the very first trailer I built had it leaned back towards the rear, thinking it should be like the headtube of the motorcycle.. That was not good at all, it caused the trailer to lean the opposite way of the bike while turning. It worked fine going straight, but felt waaaay wrong in a turn. I then modified the height of the pivot, thus changing the angle that it pivoted. It kept handling better the more I moved it forward, and the 10 Degree forward seemed to be a sweet spot that handled the best. It does very with the amount of weight you have on the trailer as well. With a very light trailer, you can lean the angle even further forward, it causes the trailer to lean even more. However, when you start adding weight to the trailer, you can feel the trailer more in the turns. It almost makes it harder to raise up out of the lean on tighter corners. 10 Degrees seems to be a good balance for most situations.
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