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Originally Posted by O.C.F.RIDER View Post
Just reading the article in your link, and the comments afterwards. I read some comments that say this is a very curvy, narrow, and hilly road that the ACCIDENT happened on, and some say it was straight and flat. SO? And your friends say the perp had a similar idea to mine, splitting between the cyclist's? Yeah, with a Dodge Durango! It's almost the same thing as a KTM 950, right? Similar width's for both? I also read that the driver say's he reached down to pick something up, and when he looked back up.......there they were. Bad judgement to be taking your eye's off the road, even for a second or two? Sure. Have you ever done the same thing? EVER? I bet you have, just like most EVERYONE has at one time or another.Did you happen to notice that the court isn't giving the driver a chance to "plea out" from a reckless homicide charge? MAYBE because the deceased Doctor has a certain family member who happen to be the Attorney General (at least according to some of the comments I read)l? "Gang-Bangers" get to plea-out stuff every day. It's terrible for anyone's family to suffer the kind of loss that doctor's did, and I DO NOT think the driver should get off with nothing, shit it could have been ME on a motorcycle getting squashed by his Durango just as easy as the doctor on his bicycle, but it doesn't sound like this driver was trying to kill someone that day.
I wasn't there so I leave it to the court. What I do know, is the road is straight and flat for a mile or more on the stretch where Dr. Burke was hit.
Further up the road, it is curvy, though I wouldn't classify it as narrow.

The "idea" I was referring to was what I quoted, not splitting between them. Passing closely to scare cyclists may result in passing closer than intended. Then you get charged with vehicular homicide. And an Army veteran with an eight-month old daughter dies.

As for the Attorney General. My understanding is Dr. Burke has a relative that is an attorney. Not the Attorney General.

I don't ride in groups because I agree with you. They are dangerous. My last group ride was with about 40 people and we were on narrow curvy roads. It was not a good situation.
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