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Originally Posted by Gordy View Post
A couple of days ago, I saw one nearly cause a wreck as traffic piled up behind him and cars were getting edgey tying to get around. The fucked up part is that this dim-wit was riding in the road parrallel to a very nice bike path that the taxpayers had provided for him.

I seriously am going to just drive behind the next one of these idiots forever (or until HE pulls into the bike lane).

Or just do like I did and call the law. I rolled back through a little after I stopped and called.... Two Tennessee Highway Patrol units had the whole gang off on the side of the road.

I don't mind people riding bicycles on the street, but they do need to be aware that they DO NOT have the same rights as a motor vehicle due to their limited speed. When they are being idiots, in the wrong lane and/or needlessly blocking traffic, they need to be safely taken off the road.
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