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Just to throw out a random tidbit

that many have forgotten: The reason you have nice paved roads to drive on is because of the bicyclists. Back in the day before roads were paved they were regular mudholes in the wet season and unbearably dusty in the dry. The cars of the time were forever getting stuck or eating dust. It was as bad or worse for the bicyclists. At the time the Penny Farthling was the hot ride and it is nothing fun to fall off of. Still the country was gripped in a bicycling craze. So the LAW (leauge of American Wheelman) lobbied hard for paved roads. And it came to pass that the roads were paved. The cars benefited along with everyone else.

For myself, when riding in the country I usually ride far right for the first 75-80 miles then switch to riding on the right hand paint stripe (the smoothest pavement) I slide to far right if traffic approaches and resume the stripe when they pass. Traffic jammin' in the city I only follow one rule: Survive. Anything and everything goes. Any surface I can get a tire on is fair game, doing anything at an intersection but turning right or going strait through is dumb. Sidewalks, lawns, steps, ramps and fields are fair game. Fences are for hopping over if it's a decent shortcut or avoids dangerous road. Ditto damn near anything else. The law is designed for the cars and following most of it is very stupid and usually dangerous. Wear lots of hi-viz, pretend you're invisible and don't let 'em get near ya. Wear one of those totally obvious concealed weapon fanny packs and stuff it with granola bars so it sags menacingly. The more psychotic you look the less they screw with you. Survive.
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