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So, did we reach an agreement yet?

The whole idea, that engineers seems to forget all the time (together with intersection lights that helps the flow of traffic instead of creating congestion) is separation of traffic into pedestrians, bicycles and motorized vehicles and from there, how to seamlessly make them mingle and cross each other's paths when necessary. It's been done basically everywhere else in the western world, no reason it can't be done here.

Like I have mentioned earlier, pack your hostilities away when out on/in a moving vehicle, they don't belong there and anyone not being able to see that is too immature to hold any kind of license to a vehicle. And don't bring the BS of "it's the other people's fault!" it is starting to sound rather "WAAH-WAAH, gibberish-gibberish-gibberish, WAAH-WAAH!". The majority of road users have no problems getting along with whomever they share the road with, or else it would be a war zone out there and be categorized as such by the people that issue the license to use the roads to us.

I have driven semis next to and been able to pass bicyclist without creating a damn incident for neither parties, but some of you shouldn't even be allowed to ride a children's tricycle if the behavior you claim here is the way you really behave out on the roads. I've ridden and walked in a lot of places outside the US, but nowhere do I see the this kind of ownership mentality among car drivers as I've seen on the threads here. You do not own the road, it's a shared space, and just because some people pay more to share the space doesn't mean that it is their space, it just means that they use the space more, have more impact on wearing the space down and therefore have to contribute more, but it does not make it "MINE, MINE! ALL MINE!".

Now, how was it we were supposed to pass those damn spandex clad numb-nuts out there?
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