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Originally Posted by johnnuke View Post
At least you asked. Lots of folks would rather just hit us.

As an avid triathlete and cyclist I say just move as far to the left of the lane as you can. If there is a decent shoulder, we cyclists will probably be using it anyway, so just sliding to your left a little bit is enough. If there is no shoulder, just do whatever you can to get enough separation to safely pass (in the lane, out of the lane, whatever). We are expecting to get passed so it doesn't usually surprise us.

As for the cyclists who ride the middle of the lane there is usually a reason (unless the guy is just a clueless prick). I will usually ride the center of the right turn lane approaching an intersection to prevent prevent someone from squeezing by me and then immediately turning right without enough room (the classic right hook). I figure the car will be slowing for the turn anyway, so me at 15-20 mph isn't too much of an inconvienience.

Thanks for watching out for us. Us 2 wheeled guys gotta stick together.
You haven't read too many of these threads, have ya?!

They usually devolve pretty quickly...

AFA 'how I'd like you to pass me...' Just please do it safely. I'm one of those that rides in the middle of the lane at crests of hills and blind corners so drivers have to think about how far into the other lane they're gonna hafta be to get around me. I STILL get idiots completely in the other lane going over crests of hills! I've found that when I don't ride like that, its actually worse for all of us.

If I hear a bike coming, I'll move back over 'cause I know the bike can get around me without going into the other lane. IOW safely.

Tip for the cyclists reading this: when you can see that its safe, wave the cars around ASAP. Seems to go a long ways towards alleviating bad feelings.

I'm a cyclist that rides motos, not a moto rider that rides bicycles.
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