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When riding my motorcycle I try to be as safe as possible.
I ride defensively and pretend I'm invisible.
When I see bicyclists riding 2 and 3 wide, it seems to be the opposite to what I do to stay safe.
That frustrates me.
Everyone does his share in the continuous flow of trafic but some bicyclists seem to love to slow it all down to their speed.
It's in their rights and they are going to excersise that right.

So my big complaint is this:
If you ride a bicycle, then please share the road with those that ride motor vehicles. Be curtious by not obstructing the flow of trafic. Stay to the right (even in the left hand turn lane, stay to the right on the line), use bike paths, have a good rear view mirror and use it. Think ahead so to not surprise the driver behind you. Signal when about to turn, not halfway around the corner. And most importantly, forgive cage drivers when we make mistakes. It happens.
And what are you planning to do with your one and only life?
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