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OK, so I have taken the list of ideas and condensed them into single list:

DVD Ideas:
  • Final drive side seal replacement R1200/R1100/1150
  • Signal switches repair.
  • Fuel pump leaking issues and replacement
  • Repair leaking master cylinder
  • Repair and adjust micro-switch for the servo assisted ABS's.
  • Cleaning and servicing in between the pistons and the caliper that can cause stickiness
  • Bleeding, cleaning, maintenance and replacement of clutch slave
  • Clutch replacement R1100/1150/1200
  • Disconnecting the side stand safety switch
  • Lubing drive shaft splines @ transmission end
  • Installing a power outlet plug
  • Replacing the EWS ring and getting rid of security screws.
  • Pehaps you should split the DVD between the GS and the others like the S's, R and RT.
  • Differences for RT's.
    • Tupperware, how best to remove
    • Gas tank is plastic and the location of fuel filter/ level float is in a different place in the tank
    • ABS reservoir is under the tank.
    • Getting the 1100RT fuel gauge to show all the bars.
    • Changing the RT charcoal filter.
    • Installing an HID system.
    • Dimming down the HI beam indicator light.
    • Replacing/ upgrading headlight bulbs in RT's aiming RT light.
    • Installing floor boards.
    • Retrofit an RTP oil fan system
    • Replacing the RT windshields and/or it's motor
    • How to get behind the dashboard, speedo, bulbs
  • Installing peg lower kit
  • Changing a tire on an alloy rim and a spoked one.
  • An in-depth instructional DVD on using the GS911. Not just how to connect and go through the paces but what it all means
  • Changing fork oil, how and how often it should be done
  • A printed tutorial as option to each corresponding DVD, tools, torques, supplies.
  • Installation of a Centech or Blue Sea fuse box to power accessories?
    • The benefits of relay vs. non-relay fuse box
    • A recommendation for the best/closest wire to tap to get a switched wire for the relay
  • R1100 Low voltage ABS fault test and repair
  • How about the rewiring of the ABS control to eliminate the low voltage code
  • Final drive rebuild (Too complicated for the average DIY, too many ways to make mistakes causing more damage, premature failure, or injury).
  • A roadside repair/troubleshooting/diagnostic guide (laminated)
These are all good suggestions, many of which I believe I can use. If you have any more ideas, please feel free to list them here.

If you are interested in using your bike to accomplish some of these, and live near the Washington DC area, please let me know. I will be able to pay for, or help pay for some of the parts and supplies needed, depending on the parts. I will also give full credit in the DVD, as well as free copies of the DVDs produced for any assistance.

If your idea is chosen (you posted it first), you will, at a minimum, receive a JVB Productions decal, a DVD of your choice and mention in the DVD credits.


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