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Originally Posted by pilo View Post
As I told you in the PM. Boldness (not stupidity) is glorious. Failure is just something that might happen along the way.

Today my wife said that "once the start flag at baja drops, you've won. You've been dreaming about this for years and training for over a year. Every mlie past the start is a bonus."

I could not have said it better myself.

We will meet when you are in Utah. I'll just be getting back from my bonus miles in baja.
Hey pilo (every time I see or write that name I remind myself 'rhymes with below' ;)), thanks, that was an awesome statement from your wife, and so true! I actually read it for my wife, then told her to tell me that right before the race .

I look forward to meeting you, it'd be great! I'm out now to meet someone from Craigslist to buy my first GPS!!! It's a Garmin 60csx, I'll post more about it if I buy it, but it's looking promising.
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