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Originally Posted by gmiguy View Post
Again, almost all adult bicyclists also own and operate cars, and therefore do "put into the system".

Do you also object to people walking along the road, because they are not "putting into the system"? When you see a walker, do you assume that they do not own a car and only ever travel by walking?

I was waiting for the lame pedestrian not consider vehicles, and not subject to the rules of the road as it pertains to traffic, pedestrians are irrelevant to this discussion. But since you predictably brought it up , they have side walks, paid for by tax dollars, bikes can't use the side walks....but yet the bike owner paid taxes.... pedestrians can't walk in the middle of the road....or hold up traffic either....

Bicycles should pay a reg fee to use the roads, they are subject to all other traffic laws. The mode of power is irrelevant. I pay a registration fee for every vehicle I own...just because I pay for one doesn't mean that all the others are exempt. If mode of power is the issue what about propane and natural gas powered vehicles....hmm no revenue from fuel taxes there....oh wait they paid registration fees....
I'm not suggestion a bike should pay the same as a car or even motorcycle I realize they impact roads less and should pay accordingly but if your giving a group the same rights as another they should have the same burdens as well.
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