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All bikes are dirt bikes
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Originally Posted by gmiguy View Post
Again, almost all adult bicyclists also own and operate cars, and therefore do "put into the system".

Do you also object to people walking along the road, because they are not "putting into the system"? When you see a walker, do you assume that they do not own a car and only ever travel by walking?
I object to people crossing the road without looking and cutting in front of a car.
I object to groups of people walking in the middle of the road trying to assert their manhood.
I object to pedestrians crossing an intersection against a red light.
I object to those that walk on the side of the road in the same direction as trafic.
And those are just the ones that come to mind.
I'm sure there are many other examples to be mentionned.

There is no cure for stupid.

When I see a man riding a bicycle, I assume he lost his license for drunk driving.
There, I said it!
And what are you planning to do with your one and only life?
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