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I was waiting for the lame pedestrian not consider vehicles, and not subject to the rules of the road as it pertains to traffic, pedestrians are irrelevant to this discussion. But since you predictably brought it up , they have side walks, paid for by tax dollars, bikes can't use the side walks....but yet the bike owner paid taxes.... pedestrians can't walk in the middle of the road....or hold up traffic either....
There are large portions of the country where sidewalks do not exist, so people walk along the road shoulder same as bicyclists do.

Pedestrians are relevant inasmuch as they share the following characteristics with bicycles:
-Slower and more vulnerable to collision injuries than motorized vehicles
-Exempt from registration and licensing
-De facto exempt from fuel taxes
-Cause little to no damage/wear to the road surface

In fact, I'd submit that a bicycle has more in common with a pedestrian than it does with a car; especially in areas where side walks are limited or nonexistent.

Despite that, I'm sure that if bikes could be successfully taxed they would be. I think practical issues are the primary reason that no widespread registration/plating process exists for bicycles. There's no VIN, no title, and no odometer on a bike, and they're generally low-value compared to motorized vehicles. I don't see any logical reason not to plate/tax bicycles, but I also don't see a practical way to implement it.

I'm sure if you could buy a new car for $300 at a department store with no paperwork whatsoever they would be much harder to tax, too.

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