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Originally Posted by GP640 View Post

All this crap.

In this country, bicycles are vehicles in the eyes of the law and subject to the same traffic laws as motorized vehicles.

I am required, by law, to ride as far to the right side of the road as safely possible.
I am also required to obey all traffic signals.

If I am using a path system that intersects a road, I am required to dismount and walk through the cross walk.

Share the road? You bet. I have ridden in many cities in Canada and I've experienced morons in cars and on motorcycles
in every one of them.
My wife and I did a 75km road ride in Haliburton Ontario this past summer and we were amazed at the civility
of drivers. Maybe it had something to do with the large O.P.P. logo on our jerseys or maybe it was the fact that
people were just more aware of cyclists. I can only hope that all the bicycle haters are internet blow hards.
I never saw friendlier people towards motorcyclist as I did in Ontario and Quebec. Makes you almost go "What are these people up to?"
Quite a revelation to come back to the US and be tailgated 2 miles from the border....aah, normal again
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