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Originally Posted by Gordy View Post
...The fucked up part is that this dim-wit was riding in the road parallel to a very nice bike path that the taxpayers had provided for him.
So why do the bike riders who are outside the bike lane get so irate when I pull up alongside them and drift over and force them into the bike lane that my gasoline tax money paid for???

Actually most of the mountain road bike riders are good--I give them a couple of toots on the horn, they pull way right, and I pass way left.

In town we have painted bike lanes. One is on a downhill road with a right tee intersection. When the bike rider (a) passes on the right (b) over the speed limit (c) through the intersection, will he be surprised when I turn right in front of him?

When the bike rider is riding with his wheels on the left bike lane line, and the left half of his bike outside the bike lane, is it OK for me to ride or drive with my tires on the same bike lane line with part of my vehicle inside the bike lane?
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