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About bike lanes and paths:
They are nice, every once in a while they are actually functional.

A town about 15 miles from me has a bike path that's about 2 miles long. It starts nowhere and it ends nowhere. So it's fine if that's what you want to do, but if you actally want to go somewhere you need to use the road.

Many bike paths or lanes in cities are the same way, the problem is that they get often get put in haphazardly with no thought of how functional they actually are, either for recreation or transportation.

As for lanes in cities, they collect the same crap that the road shoulders do, plus parked cars. Usually the clearest path is nearest the line marking the motor traffic lane.
If you want the rider to stay totally within the bike lane, fine, but what are you going to think when you see him weaving back and forth dodging glass, cracks and potholes, car doors, muffler heat shields and all the rest of it? Its far less confusing for drivers to ride a straight path, whereever it is.

As for being on the line, so what? If you happen to be riding in the right tire track, and there's a hole you need to dodge, and the best path is to the right, are you going to hesitate doing it because the line is there, and you're saddlebag will be over it? What if the next three miles of road is covered with holes, cracks and metal, and the safest path for you is next to the line are you going to be bothered by riding there?

For getting around a cyclist, all that's needed is the 3 feet that some states are requiring. Not even that really, but we like to talk about laws in this thread. I prefer not to get buzzed, but if you get off on that, so be it, I'll take getting buzzed by a moto over a car any day.

3 feet is easy if you're on a moto, and you don't need to be anywhere near the center line to do it even when there are multiple bikes side by side. If there are multiples, and they aren't moving over when you've made sure they know you're there, buzz them, be my guest, teach them a lesson, but consider what lessons some cage might be wanting to teach you sometime.

Who knows? It might be driven by some bicyclist who was using your road for free when you gave him/her a lesson.

Everyone can stand a learning opportunity once in a while, right?

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