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Hey Guys, I'm so glad to see the thread active again. I'm still pulling my homebuilt monowheel.
7000 miles, 3 tires, 2 inner tubes, 1 brake light, 1 repair weld job on the tounge pivot point.

Some bits to think about.

I built the brake lights out of 1157 LED brake lights and they work great. I don't have turn signals though.

I have been running my trailer for about 5 years now without plates. I haul stuff on it all the time, from my fire gear for work to my dog in his crate.

I have never been questioned about it or pulled over for it. I have had MANY people and police officers look at it, ask if I built it and tell me what a great job i did.

The verticle pivot pin is under tension. It's a bolt and is tightened with a lock nut. it follows the bike so much better when it's not freely moving.

I used a 16 inch wheel on the first trailer and will use a 20 inch on the next. I drilled a small hole in the hub and i use a neddle greaser on my grease gun to grease the hub, then wrap some tape over the hole.

I balanced the trailer tire with some flat washers and duct tape. Yeah, yeah, it's a redneck thing, but it works very well. The tire runs very smooth.

I run the trailer mostly on the road. 32 miles one way to work. I've run it to 80 mph for 10-15 mins at a time. I can haul 35-40 ponds and not even worry about it. I would not reccommend more than about 60 lbs on a home built, especailly one with a single spine. Just my .02 cents.

I started thinking about a trailer because I couldn't afford panniers. I thought I could build a trailer pretty easy. And I was partially right. There were some hickups along the way and I had to leave it along side the road one day, but all is well now.

My pics and comments start at post 126 on page 9. If anyone has any questions at all, I would love too talk. I do enjoy sharing ideas.

I can't tell you how many times I've heard "There is no way that will work!" or "Are you kidding me, a bicycle tire. That won't work." I just smile and say "Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking".

Good luck to all of you crazy homebuilt monowheel guys.
If you can read this, thank a TEACHER. If you're reading this in ENGLISH, thank a SOLDIER.
God Bless us all.
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Pulling my homebuilt monowheel

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