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i ride some well traveled local bike routes and i can honestly say i hate the way bicyclists ride. 2 and 3 abreast deliberately blocking traffic and forcing cars into the on coming lane in order to pass. they do not stop at red lights and think they do not have to obey any traffic laws.

i once asked a local cop if he would give me a ticket if the speed limit was 45mph and i was driving along at 15mph and he said he would ticket me for impeding the flow of traffic. when i asked if he would give bicyclists a ticket when they ride 3 abreast at 15mph in a 45mph zone he said no. WTF, why are they allowed to impede the flow of traffic without being given a ticket?

if bicyclists want to gain my respect as a legitimate form of transportation on public roads then they need to show some common curtsies, as well as obey the traffic laws.

right, wrong or indifferent, that cute little spandex suit and your funny little helmet is not going to do you any good when you or one of your buddies who are riding 3 abreast get clipped by a car or truck. i learned a long time ago when i was a kid that if you ride your bike in traffic and get hit by a car your gonna come out on the losing end. by the way some of these bicyclists ride it is apparent they never learned that lesson as a child.

again, if you want my respect as a legitimate form of transportation on public roads then start obeying the traffic laws. until that happens you bicyclists are just another group of people who think there entitled to use the road however they see fit, yet you pay no road use tax, no registrations fees and no licensing fees.

just like loud pipes on motorcycles piss people off, the way you ride your bikes in traffic does nothing but give the general public a bad opinion of all bicyclists.
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