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Originally Posted by t6pilot View Post
Problem with many bicyclists they want their "rights" but totally fail their responsbility part of riding. Start with obeying traffic laws. Stoplights, stop signs wrong side of road no lights at night etc. Every time a bicyclist gets hit it assumed to be cars fault according to cycle Nazis. not so where I live. In fact if you cause a accident because of your improper riding you can be cited and sued for damages
I'm not sure how it works here.
It seems like the one with the insurrance gets nailed, no matter who's at fault.
Land owners get the same treatment.
Jump the fense, make a mess, trip and break a leg, go after the land owner's insurrance.
A woman was running on the sidewalk and ran into the side door of a pickup that was turning right on a green.
She had the right of way and they went after the truck owner.
The truck was almost at a stop when she hit. She wasn't paying attention and wanted to make the light no matter what.
That's how screwed up things are now a days.
And what are you planning to do with your one and only life?
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