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The Road-Bike cyclists in my area who are courteous enough to follow the traffic laws and stay to the far right of the road as safely possible (as per vehicle code) are far and few enough between that I've verbally thanked the ones who don't act like selfish road hogging pricks.
The MTN. Bikers who I sometimes see on the street, are also much more courteous than their road-bike cousins.

F.W.I.W. I know lots of it has to do with the design of the bikes and those damn 700C 130psi tires (I'm restoring my old 1992 Bianchi Virata Rd. Bike, B.T.W.) but as a fellow cyclist, I'm also aware of those limitations so you elitist assholes aren't fooling me at all when you hog the middle of the road.(I.M.H.O. you're the H.D. Pirates of the Bicycle world)

I'll safely pass any Bicyclist that shows me some courtesy by following the road laws here in Pa. but, you packs of assholes that want to hog the whole damn road; don't be surprised when I ride into the middle of your "gangs" when I'm on my M.C. and tailgate the shit out of you when I'm driving the cage.

You want respect = you show respect. It's that fucking simple.

Ps. if the laws in your State say you can legally ride 2-3 abreast in your State and not yield to motor vehicles, please cite that laws section here on ADV rider. (in Pa. it's illegal!)
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