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Let this fucking thread die. Preferably a quick death over in HE.

There are selfish disrespectful cyclists all over. News flash. You don't like the way someone is riding? Call the cops.

And there are stupid, selfish, cowardly, fake tough guys in cars and on motos who feign outrage over being delayed (and who usually carefully frame their poster-child moment in such a way to leave no doubt that the mean old cyclists were maliciously and deliberately targeting said poor fake tough guy in order to cause an assault-worthy provocation) but only ever take it out on cyclists. And then they invariably run away. That's what makes them cowards. Alas, cowardice isn't a crime.

These stupid motherfuckers deserve each other. Too bad we can't put them on a circular test track somewhere where the rest of us won't have to deal with them. As a moto rider, a car driver, and a cyclist, I'm fucking sick of listening to them and watching them, and I'm embarrassed by so many of my fellow members of each class.

So why don't we give it a rest? We can come back when cyclists start actually doing something dangerous that is more than a blip on the radar among motorists who do 1000x the shit cyclists do, including deliberately slowing down traffic (you think deciding to drive, alone, in a car with 4-8 empty seats, past co-workers' homes and past neighbors' workplaces, isn't deliberately creating congestion?), running stop signs and lights, assaulting more vulnerable road users, and taking up more than the rightmost 3 feet of the lane with their mostly-empty cars.

Shitty cyclists don't change this fact: anyone who wants to physically threaten, harass, or graze cyclists with a car or moto is a fucking coward.

To the cyclists in here, I say: don't feed the trolls. You say you've tried reason? Pfff. Most of them aren't smart enough to realize they and their fellow motorists are 99.99% the problem, not cyclists. Let these yellowbellied, lycra-obsessed bottomfeeders have this fapfest. Go ride. And ride right.
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