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Originally Posted by Schnickelfritz View Post
Let this fucking thread die. Preferably a quick death over in HE.


Now, now. What's a MC forum without road rage threads? The interplay of reason vs. entitlement and general hostility is always interesting. And the off season is just beginning!

I'm cracking up at all the "lycra/spandex" comments. Yeah, mebbe some people need to come out of the closet and just start being themselves. Life is so much better. But there are two other little points in here. Some of those lycra clad derrieres do indeed belong to whichever gender you prefer to admire and there is nothing like matching speed and riding 30 feet behind a couple for a mile or so until they catch on you're (note spelling there please!) enjoying the scenery.

The other thing is some good 9 panel lycra cycling shorts with a synthetic chamois crotch are ideal motorcycle wear for long days in the saddle. I wear a pair of mine, with or without cycling tights under my leathers. Good support and no seams in the wrong places. A bit of padding, absorbent and non-chafing.And the unlined parts of my leathers slide nicely over the lycra making dressing easy, even if it's hot out.

After this Saturdays ride something else occurred to me. My old California riding style crept out here and there and I realized I'm perfectly comfortable passing a semi without going out of my lane (on either side). But unless you have that experience (and only in Ca. AFAIK) people just aren't used to riding that close to anything at speed. Where I see 2 bicyclist riding dead abreast here is is often two women and they are chatting. If they seem to be in good shape and I feel like bird watching I go with plan A (above). If I am doing warp 9 I either cross to the oncoming lane or cut speed to 45 (so I don't buffet them) and pass in lane. If there are 4 or 5 dead abreast (very rare) and the oncoming lane is blocked, well, that's kinda rude for someone not to open a hole to pass. I give 'em half a min and perhaps a headlight flash, then interrupt the conversation with the air horn. No need to threaten or endanger anyone. But if you wanna be rude and obnoxious lemme show you how it's done.

The same horn is effective on cattle in open range areas. Not only don't they pay taxes but they just stand there, partially or completely blocking the lane and going no where at all. And they're bigger than me. Asshats!.

A row of cyclists riding in a peloton is tricky. Usually they are moving along pretty well, they are also drafting and riding very tightly, one behind the other and overlapping about a half wheel or so. These guys (and the occasional women) are very good. They track dead strait and concentrate well. They're out there doing their thing just like I am. I should begrudge them some of the road? They're not yakking or being little self styled politico commandos (ie, using the road like a coffee shop or political rally). They're serious, they're moving and they're handling their machines far better than the average motorcyclist. Depending on how many are in the pack they can easily take up half a lane with the lead left or right depending on the wind. But they also do lead changes. The front person will peel off to the left and coast, falling in at the rear while the second person pours on power and cuts the wind. I always give a group like this plenty of room. I never know when the lead is going to cut left, how well they are going to check for oncoming first (they're tired, thus the change), etc.
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