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Originally Posted by Grizzlyman View Post
We went on an awesome ride this past Sunday! For those that know the Madison County area of Western NC, I will summarize our travels.

We started in Asheville, rode the French Broad river road to the Little Pine area in Madison county. Then we rode over the mountain on a nice gravel road to Big Pine. From Big Pine we rode to Spring Creel and over the mountain to Hot Springs. We left Hot Springs and rode a long gravel road in an area called Paint Creek. This took us to Rich Mountain in Tennessee. We then traveled another gravel road to Hot Springs mountain and made our way back to Asheville, NC. Total ride 130 miles.

That's a nice loop, and Big Pine is a great little valley. Did they re-gravel Baltimore Branch (the road towards Spring Creek)? Last time I rode it it was freshly grated, but not graveled.

Hope you made it up the the fire-tower - if not, you missed out.
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