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So I got my F8GS about 3 or 4 weeks ago. I've put about 1900 miles on it so far and I have very few complaints. One thing that did bug me was the size of the grips. Having ridden BMW's for years I really liked the fatter grips on my F650's dakar heated grips. They were the ones with repetitive ridges or discs... whatever you want to call them.

Anyway, the F8GS has these really skinny grips. They seem more like street grips than dual sport grips. Been thinking about a solution but you can't just change grips because the rubber grip is bonded to the inner heated grip element. So....

I had thought about a set of foam covers I saw on a thread around here, but didn't think they would last and more importantly didn't like the look. Also thought about making a set of neoprene skins but figured I would loose too much heat output from the headed grips and it wouldn't be inexpensive or all that easy to do.

Then riding along the other day I came up with a solution. I stopped by the local dirt bike shop and found a set of these:

Renthal Soft Compound dirt bike grips (diamond pattern)

Seemed like they were thin and streatchy enough...

Here are a few shot of what they looked like before I cut them up:

figured I could just cut the ends off and streatch the remaining tube over the existing BMW skinny F8 grips.

Here is what they look like cut and installed on the bike:

Look pretty good if you ask me. And the price is CBOA approved at $24 all said and done. In the end I had to buy two sets of grips because motorcycle grips come in two different thicknesses - one for the throttle side (thin grip) and one for the clutch side (thick grip). I wound up using the two throttle side grips. A bit of simple green and they slid right not. Took a ride and tested the heated grips. They are definitely thicker than the stock grips. These things are cushy and sticky!!! The heated grips work perfectly too!

Note: I used the soft compound grips, and they are pretty definitely on the thick side. I have big hands so they work perfect for me as the thin grips cramped my hands. These come in soft, medium and hard = light grey, dark grey and black. There are other options out there that might work but these were simple and easy. The mediums might work, in fact the off side grips I still have might work if someone worked at it enough. (anyone want to try send me a PM....) I will probably peel the grip condoms back and spray some hairspray on tomorrow just to make sure they stay put where I need em.

Oh, right one other thing. Once installed they are about the same thickness or circumfrence as the outter most ridge or grip end. Maybe slightly smaller. This is perfect for me as I often find my hands resting against the outside of the grips. now they ride right up on that ridge and I don't even notice. Nice!

Have you found that the grips are also absorbing the vibrations?

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