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Originally Posted by K7MDL View Post
Should a person who has never ridden in any Enduro event before ride in this? Don't want to ruin the experience for people who know what they are doing or going for points.

2 rider skills levels for this question:
a. Decent trail and forest road on a 450 - been on many organized DS rides, trail and road, roll charts no problem
b. Novice trail skills, better forest road and street skills on a 450. Never used a roll chart before

Can the 2 above ride together and not clog up the works? Don't want to be the guys everyone remembers :-)
Here is my take.
I am not associated with this ride nor do I know the event organizers, or the terrain. So take this with a grain of salt.

With your experience you should be fine. I'm assuming you will be riding with your son. This will allow you to collaborate on timing and route finding.

I wouldn't think there would be as much "pressure to perform" since this is not part of the NMA Enduro Series. This may be a good way to get a taste of what enduro's are all about. And if you like it, definitely check out Dorian's PSER Beginner Enduro in the Spring! They give a quick PowerPoint presentation on what its all about.

As you may know, in Enduros 2 or 3 riders leave the start line (together) every minute, and the object is to arrive at unknown check points, on your minute. If you are early, you have "burned the check" 2 points for the first minute and 5 points for each additional minute early. 1 point for every minute late.

At every enduro I have participated in, they say at the riders meeting that if/when someone comes up behind you, "just let them by, because they have already beat you". (or they are about to burn their next check point ).
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