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Originally Posted by Loud Al View Post
So you want us to go back here?

I suppose I can put up with the boring views for another year

Put me IN!
Wahooo (The critter in the flowers is my favorite)

Originally Posted by Mr. Fisherman View Post
Put up with this AGAIN.....

I like the ladybug - - - You know your job is to go shake people off the fence about once a month?

Originally Posted by Apple Jam View Post

I dunno....after seeing this pic, I'm not so sure I wanna go anymore.
I mean, the traffic,...,...,the pollution,...,...,the noise,...,...,it's horrendous.
How do you put up with that year after year?

It's rough but we manage.
Originally Posted by s1marks View Post
..................... IN!

There we go an IN that makes it's intensions known, no little wimpy in for the Adventure_Stud

Originally Posted by mrmagoolin View Post
#43 on the cheat sheet, Jungleman is Jesse.
#5. Hellswoman = Sue or Susan?

Originally Posted by Idahosam View Post
Voy a ver si me puede mostrar demasiado (I'll see if I can show up too)
Dang Sam, you know I don't speak Spanish. If you're not in South America you better be at this gathering.

For those that haven't heard yet, Sam is headed South for a bit with Radioman: They had a short set back but it looks like they are heading south in the next day or two.
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