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Caines Head (part 2)

After a long and slow trek up the shore, we made it to the first remnants.

Then the trail headed into the forest and up a hill, gaining a couple hundred feet f elevation providing some more million- dollar views.

Soon we were at the old bunker. I happened to have my flashlight and we went exploring. It was not very big, maybe 4 rooms and some hallways, but walking around it felt like walking around in a video game. I felt like I was in a Halo map.

From the outside there was not too much to see.

It was built into the hill top and covered in vegetation with only a couple cement patches at the top.

But, there was a nice area to sit and look over the bay on one side.

Behind a little ledge, up on top of the barracks, I stumbled across a geocache, so we opened it up for a peek inside, nothing too exciting though.

We were taking our time and relaxing, eating our packed food and letting our feet cool down. We had to wait for the next low tide before we could hike out (12.5 hours after the first) so we had some time.

After a long rest, we decided to head to the South Beach. It was cool how close the trail got the sheer cliff; with the thick vegetation, you could hardly tell it was right there.

We came out on South Beach and sat down for a little while.

Then took the loop back, cutting inland. It was really cool hiking back there. You could tell that few people took the path by how overgrown with moss it was. There were sections where you simply followed the orange ribbons tied in trees. There were also several log bridges, made of one or two laid over lengthwise and flattened on the top with a few grooves cut in for traction. Some didnít look too sturdy, I gave a couple a bit of a test bounce, if you will, to check the strength. It is hard to describe the feeling back there; it felt like hiking through an enchanted forest, or almost like another world, with the moss glowing green.

Chuwe, the Rat was having a blast, scurrying right across the logs but was happy to get a chance to relax here and there too.

After a long day on the feet, we headed back up the beach, with the sunrise on the way out and sunset on the way back. The creek crossing on the way back wasnít a problem though, we werenít too worried about wet feet at that point.

20 miles is a lot of hiking for one day. (32k)

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