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Destination of the next batch of 30 pieces, some are multiple orders.

M.T., NH
T.H., TX
F.P., TN
J.G., OR
J.S., CA
K.Y., CA
H.M., FL
A.F., OH
D.J., NY
J.C., CA
A.H., CO
P.A., WA
J.H., OR
D.B., TX
E.D., WA
C.R., WA
J.Z., NY
P.G., VA
J.F., OH
R.H., NY
A.M., CA
R.S., CA
J.U., KS
W.S., NH
R.G., MA

I can't apologize enough for the delay, nor thank you enough for your patience!

These will leave on Friday. My real life was pushing in a little the last week or so.


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