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Thanks for the kind words. You can call me rig-curious... and the curiosity had me give in. Wife is still not convinced...

It is a rather basic rig, one that was most affordable for a newb like me. I will certainly keep peeking into the hack forum to expand my knowledge and seek advice. I appreciate the warm welcome!

My biggest surprise while test riding it prior to purchasing (in pouring rain) is how tough it was to actually drive this beast. I don't think of myself as a whimp, but the muscle groups that are used to steer this hunk of steel must have been neglected by me in the recent past, as I got tired rather quickly.

Can't wait to put new tires on it (seller gave me a set of 3) and take this out on an easy, exploratory ride. Still need to learn to comfortably and confidently 'fly' the chair. And address a few minor oil leaks - me thinks that switching back to dino oil will fix most of them. I am not a fan of using synthetic oils in old(er) engines. Thoughts?

BTW, I am on both soviet steeds and russian iron, but thanks for the suggestion.

As far as the avatar goes, found it on this site in one of the photo threads. I really liked it and decided to keep it. Reminds me of my wife's trunk...
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