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OK, so what I did before was take a long screwdriver and put it in the spark plug hole, when the that cylinder was TDC, I checked the crank timing indicator to make sure it was correct - it was. I checked the cam timing off the crank timing and made sure that was good as well. With the recent work I had to reset the cams obviously, but I'm 100% certain they're back to correct, original timing.

What I'm not certain about is the timing of the spark and/or fuel spray. It should all be ECU controlled and non-adjustable anyway, but it would be interesting to see if the she's sparking on time.

I do wonder if the low compression wasn't just from the motor being cold. The manual calls for to check the motor once it's been warmed up - but maybe the blanky and warm cup of milk wasn't enough and I really need to get it to run. Wouldn't that be nice.
did you pull the codes? can be done without a OBD scanner if you have the instrument cluster. doesn't cover everything, but it would be interesting to see if anything comes up.

dust/dirt you reported in the throttle bodies is not good, they should be spotless.
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