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Originally Posted by Krasniewski View Post
OK, so what I did before was take a long screwdriver and put it in the spark plug hole, when the that cylinder was TDC, I checked the crank timing indicator to make sure it was correct - it was. I checked the cam timing off the crank timing and made sure that was good as well. With the recent work I had to reset the cams obviously, but I'm 100% certain they're back to correct, original timing.

What I'm not certain about is the timing of the spark and/or fuel spray. It should all be ECU controlled and non-adjustable anyway, but it would be interesting to see if the she's sparking on time.

I do wonder if the low compression wasn't just from the motor being cold. The manual calls for to check the motor once it's been warmed up - but maybe the blanky and warm cup of milk wasn't enough and I really need to get it to run. Wouldn't that be nice.
Check ignition timing with timing light. Watch crank timing indicator if the timing is between 40 - 0 degrees before TDC it should be ok to start.

Good point on compression, not sure if being cold will account for 100 psi drop. Pour a small amount of oil into spark plug hole, crank engine over without plugs in to cover cylinder walls, then do compression test. The oil will seal the rings perfectly and the cold engine condition is no longer a factor.
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