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Originally Posted by YetiGS View Post
Funny this just came up, I was about to start a thread . . . might still.

I had never thought of my 800GS as a "buzzy" bike, but over the last couple of months it seems it has become more and more buzzy to the point it puts my hands to sleep.

I'm going to try a set of Renthal Gel Rallye grips to see if they help but I wonder if anyone has found any other solution to buzzy grips??
Ya I found a solution....R1200GS

I had the F800ST and it is a buzzy engine. The grip puppies help, but hands still fall asleep after an hour. It was annoying and not the main reason why I switched out to the 1200, but I must say, even without grip puppies, my hands never fall asleep on the 1200.
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