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Originally Posted by DRONE View Post

Don't know if this helps or not, but I'm on the list, about halfway down, and I ordered mine on Mar 24th.

Had to laugh at the PayPal invoice where it says "IICE Air - PRE-ORDER! - NO CANCELLATIONS - NO REFUNDS - Shipping on approx. 04/23"

Poor old Poolside thought this was a little short-term project and instead it turns into a year-long nightmare.
Hey I know! I hung up everyone's riding season. Well, not that they didn't ride or anything, but they didn't ride as happy.

If I had any inkling of the issues that would come along, I sure would have set it up to work on the IICE Air outside of riding season, instead of during it.

That's the plan for the IICE Cool. The final development and setup for manufacturing will happen over the colder half of the year.

I'd have preferred that I wait out the Winter, rather than you nice folks wait out the Summer.


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