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Originally Posted by Martincito View Post

Just ordered!
I hope it helps to reduce the backfire of my Leo Vince pipe.
Originally Posted by johnjen View Post

As others and myself as well have noted, it doesn't 'fix' the backfire problem. That isn't what this modification is about. It may change some of the behavior or circumstances under which a backfire occurs, but they won't magically go away.
More to the point, the IICE Air improves running and other issues don't matter as much.

Seriously though, the backfiring issue is caused by the ECU performing a function called Overrun Fuel Cutoff. Each cycle of the fuel cutoff function causes an amount of unburned combustion mixture to exit the exhaust valve and collect in the exhaust. The backfire, or more aptly afterfire, you hear is the combustion of that collected combustible mixture.

Among its magical powers, the IICE Cool effectively disables Overrun Fuel Cutoff.

Thanks everyone for the current IICE Air 'On IICE' Sale orders!


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