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Originally Posted by Jim Williams View Post
I see you have long ankle zippers. Can you take the pants off with your boots on?

I added the zippers and longer velcro so that I'd have the option of tightening the pants around the knee/shin area. This way when I ride I just cinch it up and it locks the knee armor in place. I uncinch it when I get off the bike and it's like I'm wearing regular jeans again. The length and width of the velcro up the leg is a custom feature I specified.

The zippers help me to get in and out of my boots (sidi adventure rain) easier with the pants on. I suppose I could take the pants off over the boots with the zipper feature if I had to, but I haven't done that (and probably never will) since I had them made more formfitting and not bulky like over pants.

I know you didn't get the liner, but do you know how it incorporates into the jeans? I find the Ultra II liner to be so goofy and difficult to use I've only used it a couple times in all these years.
I don't know how it incorporates into the kevlar jeans, but I like the way it incorproates into my air mesh over pants. It's very easy to put in and out, and it's a necessity for all season/weather riding.

I don't expect my kevlar jeans to replace my air mesh over pants. I had them made to add versitility to my riding gear. Each pant serves its purpose.

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