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Charlottesville TAG

So, I've been lurking for a while now, and and I'm ready to join in the fun.

This whole TAG thing seems pretty cool, and it looks like there's enough riders in the Charlottesville vacinity to make this worth my while.

The way I understand it, TAG works like this:

I hide something small (called a Geocache) somewhere in the C-ville vicinity and and take a photo it in it's hiding place (Making sure my motorcycle is in at least one of my pics). I get on this thread and upload the pics of where I hid it and give good clues to it's location, and sit back and wait.

One of you folks figures out where it is, using your Google powers, and goes and gets it. Takes a picture of yourself, the thing, and your bike to prove you found what I did. You then repeat the process, and the game never ends! I love it.

Here are the rules: (yes, I totally ripped these off and modified the rules set forth for the Valley Tag o Rama. I really hope Skipii doesn't mind.

1. Location
~ Your tag must be reasonably close to Charlottesville. Lets go for about an hour from Charlottesville to your photo.
~ The tag MUST be on a road with a surface of dirt, gravel, mud, grass, rocks, sand, or in desparate situations, paved roads with no lines on them. (I like this rule since it's gets us off the pavement, and mybe even a little dirty I didn't buy a KLR to stay on the road)
~ The road on which your tag resides MUST be a legal road for motorcycle use!!! Other than that, any road is okay: dirt, gravel, singletrack, water crossings, etc.
~ Make sure there's a little distance between where you picked up the tag, and where you place it. Also, the whole goal (for me anyway) is to find new places and roads on which to go ride. So the more obscure and varied the locations the better.

2. Tag Photos
~ Make your photographs count. It's okay (preferred) to post 2 or 3 photographs if you think it is neccessary for us to recognize the location.
~ Your bike must be in at least one of the photographs.
~ Indicate the location of the Geocache in at least one photograph (or a good description).

3. Gameplay
~To play, go for a ride. Find the location tagged in the previous post. Keep riding. Find a new place, and take a picture of it. Then post both pictures together.
~ You may not claim a tag and ask others to wait until you find a new place to tag.
~ By using a GeoCache, we are able to determine who arrived at the tag first. If you arrive at a tag and do not find the Cache, you have probably been "Bruced", meaning someone else got it first. Whoever gets the cache first gets to post the next tag.
~ File photos are generally not allowed. One exception will be made: if you take a photo for a new tag when also claiming one, only to find that someone else has beat you to it when you get home to upload them, you may use that photograph for 24 hours afterwards.
~ No cheating. Cheating means telling someone where the tag is, or making the tag so one certain person will get it.
~ If hints are given about the tag to players outside of this thread (For example, discussing in person, or through PM), the relevent information should also be posted in this thread to keep the game fair.
~ If a tag is on a road which is impassable due to closures or inclement weather (such as sheets of ice), the tag may be claimed with a photo of the closure sign or impasse. The location may be used at a later date for a new tag. Do not use this just because you don't want to take your Desmosedici through a puddle--the road must be officially closed or present a situation which would endanger the saftey of any taggers.
~ Reasonable Effort: There are occasions when things just don't go as planned. If you go to a location, search for an honest 20 minutes for the cache, and can't find it, we'll give you the point. It's not worth spending hours searching for a cache which may have already been grabbed, or stolen by a local. Do make every effort to find it, and if you have the correct tag shot, and it is confirmed that you did not get bruced, you will get the point (assuming, of course, you also post a new tag). Please return to the spot (in daylight, perhaps) to grab the cache at a later date. This reasonable effort clause also applies to other situations: camera malfunctions, or circumstances beyond your control that prevent you from adhering strictly to the rules. (If you can't post a picture, drawings are acceptable, or REALLY good descriptions of the tag and cache locations.) Don't abuse this, but we all know that sometimes, stuff happens.
~ Penalties: If you break a rule, such as posting a tag on a paved road, grabbing a tag without posting a new one, or posting a tag on posted private property, you must add value to the Geocache for the next person. Upgrade the Geocache itself, or leave something of value along with it for the next person. You get to decide what's "Of value" but we'll correct you if you are wrong.

As for keeping a map of all the locations, if someone one like to volunteer to do that, thank you in advance. I will not have time to keep up with a map, but it would be cool.

4. Theme Weeks
~ Occasionally, we will have specific weeks where our tags will reflect certain themes. During this time, you are encouraged (though not required) to post tags that go along with the theme.
~Theme weeks begin the first Sunday of every month, and continue until Saturday.
~The first person to place a tag after Midnight on Sunday morning gets to chose the theme for the week.
~ The themes may be specific (roads with the word "Gap" in them) or vague (Water Crossings required or altitudes over 2,000ft)
~ If you post a tag that does not fit in the theme (discouraged), indicate this fact in your post as it will likely confuse others when figuring out the clues.

OK, heading out to get a TAG and go hide it.

Post up if you plan to be a regular in this game.

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