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Originally Posted by EnderTheX View Post
Crack... it's not as deadly as they say....

It is cosmetic. It will not leak. It will grow down the length of the tank at that seam but I doubt it would split the part, mine was about a foot long when I got it replaced.

The outer casing is a cosmetic cover and there is a bladder inside that actually holds the gas.
Really? So if this will not break or leak then why are people getting so angry about it?

BTW, just checked mine and it too is cracked. 2010 which is about 1.5 months old (new old stock as it were, last 2010 in CA at the time of pickup). I've put 2500 miles on it since I picked it up from the dealer and have noticed the pressure blow off when I go to fill up once in a while, usually when it's hot out or when I've changed significant elevation from the last gas fill up.

So should I get rid of the canister and the pressure valve? I wanted to do so anyway but now it seems I have a valid reason.
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